Most people know that ingredients play a significant role in skin care, but only a few know that the absorption effect is equally important.

The Truth Is,

The absorption of essential ingredients is often tiny.

Much of your expensive skin care products are wasted since most of the products just stay on the surface.

Why? Our skin acts as a barrier to infusion. The result is, the products are either washed off or evaporate: only a minuscule quantity will penetrate into the desired areas of action.



Undoubtfully, “Infusion-plus” is the perfect revolutionary formula that facilitates the absorption of active ingredients in all Alpessence skin care products. It guarantees better and fast results of the skin care products.

The method works in four dimensions making our skin care products reliable.

  • It maintains skin moisture and oil balance hence making the skin soft and attractive.
  • It increases the water-binding capacity of the stratum corneum.
  • It facilitates the regeneration of skin cells-old cells ought to be replaced by young cells.
  • It encourages youthful cell functioning hence eliminating the chances of skin dryness.

Consequently, Infusion-Plus increases the skin's absorption of Alpessence products starting from the lotions to the mask. Petite products will be wasted.

Many people who have opted for this revolutionary formula have given positive testimonies of the end results- with a decent review and rating.



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