Top 10 threats of skin aging (Part I)

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1) Sun damage:

Sun is one of the biggest threats to skin aging. Everyday when our skin exposed under sun, it will speed-up the process of aging. Over time, the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light damages the fibers in the skin called elastin. When these fibers break down, our skin begins to sag, stretch, and lose its ability to go back into place after stretching. Thus, it is important for every women to use sunscreen everyday to prevent premature aging, wrinkles, and age spots. 


2) Dehydration:

Water is the life essence. According to scientific research, 60% of our body is made of water. It sustains our life as well as our skin appearance. Thus, it is strongly recommended to drink enough water everyday (2 litters) and not just when you are thirsty. Dehydration can lead to dry skin and make your skin looks prematurely old. 

3) Pollutants & Daily chemicals:

Nowadays, the issue of air pollution, and daily chemical products are threatening our skin life. If you have oily skin, it is much easier to stick some pollutants on your skin. Thus, it is important to wash your face morning and night to avoid pollutants and bacteria build-up and excessive oiliness to promote a more youthful appearance. However, please avoid over cleansing, it may cause negative result. 


4) Tiredness:

Tiredness is definitely a big threat to aging. As most doctors’ suggestion, at least 7 hours of beauty rest a night to let skin restore, renew, and re-balance is crucial. It can eliminate all the possible dark circles, puffy eyes. Tired skin can make you look older. 


5) Stress:

Pressure is a double-edge sword, it not only can boost your work efficiency, but also can boost your skin aging. Thus, it is important to learn to manage stress and take time to relax. Stress and decrease moisture and firmness and promote skin aging. 

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Things women should know before 30’s

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People said time is fair because its the same to everyone, however, not for aging. For some people, aging has no connection with time. You might curious why does not time leave any trace on their face? For instance: our nightmare of wrinkles, fine lines, crows’ finger..etc. Although time and aging both are not something we cannot avoid, with some tips, we can postpone the aging from time. Below are some tips for women turning 30’s:

1. Cleanse

A good skin care is half way to anti-aging. Obviously, it is important to clean off your makeup and the day's dirt every day. If you need more reason to wash your face each night, you should know that your sebum (which is produced even if you don't look shiny and greasy) will trap environmental pollutants like cigarette smoke and car exhaust as well.

When looking for a cleanser you want a gentle cleanser that does a good job of removing everything without irritating your skin or over-drying you. Remember that you may need to adjust your cleansing routine with changes in season. A product that is great in the summer may be too much in the winter. You don't need an anti-bacterial face wash. Washing thoroughly with warm water has been shown to be as effective. Wash with warm (not hot) water to avoid drying out your skin, pat dry and apply moisturizer and treatment products immediately.

Alpessence gel cleanser

2. Moisturize

Each time we wash your face, we remove some of its natural moisture—and if we don't apply something to replace what's missing, skin becomes dehydrated. "Maintaining a moisture balance in our skin reduces the appearance of fine lines, prevents sensitivity and controls oil production," says Jennifer Linder, MD, a Scottsdale, Arizona–based dermatologist. Apply a dime-size amount of the formula for your skin type to each cheek and massage it into your face, neck and chest.

Alpessence high protection day cream 

3. Stay hydrated

Lotion is only half of the hydration equation—skin needs moisture from the inside out. Drink 8 1 oz glasses of water everyday is very important for keeping your skin hydrated and looking clear to prevent skin from getting dull and dry. Also keep tabs on how much alcohol and caffeine you’re gulping down. Both can make you dehydrated, but drinking coffee or booze along with food and water can help counter the dehydrating effects.

4. Sleep tight

From the scientific study, 7- 8 hours sleep/day is important for everyone. It allows our skin cells renew overnight. When we do not get enough rest, it can take a toll on your skin, causing it to be dull and dry, leading to premature aging. A lack of sleep also causes you to have dark circles around your eyes, making you look older.

5. Protect

Ask any dermatologist what you can do to help with aging, and I bet 100% of them will immediately, without even thinking about it, answer you with "wear sunscreen." Sunscreen is by far and away the single most effective therapy for anti-aging. Nor do you get all of your important sun exposure before the age of 18. You can still do a lot of good by wearing sunscreen of at least SPF 15 every day with broad spectrum UV coverage and avoiding the sun in peak periods such as between 10 am and 2 pm.

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5 Simple Ways to Battle Dry Winter Skin

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Dry skin always comes with fall and winter. Luckily, Alpessence has great moisturizers for you to deal with the feeling of dry skin.

But, don’t rely on the skin care alone.

There are a lot of other things you can do to make your skin feel smooth and baby soft – and there are also things you can do that will prevent the dryness from happening in the first place.


1.Use a humidifier in your bedroom

The heat in your house can be very drying. Use a humidifier to add moisture back in the air, esp. in your bedroom while you sleep.

The additional moisture it provides is invaluable and will not only improve the tone and texture of your skin, it also decreases sinus sensitivity and keeps hair and nails hydrated too.

2.Apply sunscreen daily

Just because the sun isn’t shining, doesn’t mean you’re not getting harmful UV radiation. Even if you can’t feel the heat, the UV rays are still present. Use a sunscreen when going out, especially on your lips, it can protect your skin from aging- while aging, you skin lose it’s ability to keep hydration.

3.Eat more hydrating foods for dry skin

Try loading up on foods that will actually do some good by way of hydrated skin and shiny, healthy hair.

  • Green juice: a great way to have your intake of fresh unprocessed fruits and veggies.
  • Salmon: loaded with protein, fish oil and selenium- a trace mineral that is great for the skin, eliminating toxins.
  • OMEGA-3: the proteins and fatty acids in Omega-3s helps to repair cell membranes and have anti-inflammatory effects, which can have a dramatically positive impact on the skin.
    deal with dry skin alpessenc moisturizing overnight mask

    4.Use an overnight moisturizing mask

      Try Alpessence moisturizing refining mask after your daily night skin care routine. Apply a thin layer and leave on overnight. It’s easy absorbed and not greasy at all, so you can actually wear them overnight without creating a mess on your pillowcase. Besides being crazy moisturizing, it also contains super effective anti-agers (Malachite and rose stem cell). Therefore it boosts skin’s ability to hold on to moisture and reverses the signs of aging.

      alpessece swiss skin care  Moisturizing Refining Mask overnight mask

      Moisturizing Refining Mask


        5.Limit Exfoliating

          During the summer it’s important to scrub away dry skin, but during winter your skin will be too sensitive to exfoliate. Use a gentle exfoliator every one to two weeks.

          6.Avoid frequent and long hot showers and baths

          A long, hot shower in the cold winter weather, this can dramatically lower the moisture content in your skin. To reduce skin dryness, try to keep your exposure to water less than 5 minutes per day and avoid using very hot water.


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