Top 10 threats of aging (Part II)

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6) Exfoliate:

According to scientific study, our skin can shed 30,000 to 40,000 dead cells per minute naturally. Sometimes, the dead cells will fall off from or skin or it will stay in our skin. Once they stayed in longer time, it will cause dull skin and will decrease the our skin absorption to the skin care nutrients. With regular exfoliation helps unclog pores and reveal fresh rejuvenated skin. 

7) Malnutrition:

Our body need all kinds of nutrients. (Ex: Vitamin A, E..etc) It requires us to have a balance diet with all kinds of food. Thus, fuel your body with the nutrients it needs by eating fruits, vegetables, and fish. A healthy diet promotes radiant, firm skin and can help prevent age spots and wrinkles.

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8) Dryness:

Depending on where you live and the weather. If you lives in inner land or close to desert or in the winter time, your skin may dry out very quickly all the time. Apply balanced moisturizer morning and night. Moisturizers help fight dryness, balance skin tone, and improve skin texture for younger looking skin.

9) Air pollution:

Air is essential to our life too. If you lived in the city with all the hazes or with smokers, they both can lead to premature aging and cause skin wrinkles, decreased radiance, and diminished elasticity. Thus, it is suggested to do exercise in park regularly, to breathe more clean air. Because every time when we do exercise, our body can breath more air into our body then normal.

10) Sedentary life:

Sedentary life is a common problem to most of the people. Many people are staying longer time in front of PC, Pad, or cell phone either for work or entertainment. Thus, we need exercise to stay active and get our blood flowing. The increase blood flow helps nourish skin cells, release toxins, and promote natural oil production for a supple, healthy glow. 

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