Excusive Absorbing Technology

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Most people know that ingredients are the key to effective skin care, but only few know that the absorption effect are equally important.

The Truth Is,

the absorption of key ingredients is often very low,

with much of your expensive cream or serum wasted.

Since our skin acts as a barrier, most skin care products just stay at the surface. In the end, they either wash off or evaporate. Only small portion of skin care products will be able to penetrate into where really need to be treated.



Alpessence ‘Infusion-plus’ is a unique revolutionary formula to increase the absorption of the active ingredients in all Alpessence skin care products.


It works on 4 dimensions to make our skincare products works better & faster

  • Maintain moisture and oil balance of the skin
  • Increase water-binding capacity of stratum corneum
  • Stimulate skin cell regeneration
  • Encourage more youthful cell functioning

Infusion-Plus increases the skin’s absorption of all Alpessence products – from lotion to mask – by a factor of ten.

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